Perfect Data Workshop


In this workshop you will find out:

  • How you can maximize your data quality in the fastest and most economical way
  • How you can steer your business with maximum precision. This includes for example accurate customer profitability reporting, accurate profit sharing and optimal loading and routing of your shipments
  • How to provide high quality information to your customers
  • How to organize your business reporting, what tools to use and how to apply them most effectively
Goal of this workshop is to enable you to implement all discussed tools and practices as fast as possible.

Invest one day and gain decades of experience!

How does the workshop work?

  • The workshop is designed as a team session. Have all relevant managers and expert team members of your company participate to generate maximum workshop results.
  • As part of the workshop we will provide you with detailed best practice guidelines and procedures. These cover amongst other topics: Best practice revenue and volume recognition, customer recognition and customer management, how to set up a comprehensive company data model, how to manage shipment milestone information, how to structure your charge codes, how to share profit
  • The workshop will be conducted via TEAMS.
  • The length of the workshop is one full day. Exact use of this time and detailed workshop design can be customized to your company's individual needs. We can include break-out group sessions, brainstorming sessions or confidential internal sessions. Work with us to find the most useful design.
  • Workshops can be conducted in English, German or French

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