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Software for freight forwarding and logistics services companies

We Convert Technology Into World Class Business Results

more cash, maximum service quality, maximum process automation, perfect customer information

Our customers usually experience a minimum pay-back of our fees of 10x in a few months


generates zero defect performance in seven fundamental areas:

  • On time billing

  • Complete billing (avoidance of revenue leakage)

  • Accurate file gross profit

  • Completeness of crucial shipment milestones

  • Overdue intercompany invoices

  • Completeness of crucial data points

  • Overdue accounts receivables

See how it works
The Operations Control Dashboard generates massive results in terms of quality, profit and cash. We challenge you to try out our free diagnostics of your current billing performance and improvement potential.
With previous clients we improved cash flow by tens of millions US$ with this single measure.


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