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“The quality with which operators perform their work will remain the most important competitive factor of the freight forwarding industry.

Ideally modern freight forwarding operators are supported by robots respectively by intelligent computer algorithms that support tedious administrative tasks like shipment data processing, billing, transport cost processing and job profit review.”

Excerpt From "Data Mastery in Freight Forwarding" by Oliver Gritz

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Software for small and medium size freight forwarding and logistics services companies complementing CargoWise One

Ontegos Data Hub

Integration of all your data in one single location in real time

  • Flawless management-, operations-, sales-, and financial reporting
  • World class customer reporting and exception management
  • Company specific applications and artificial intelligence

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Operations Control Dashboard

  • Maintain 24/7 electronic control of your most critical operational processes and tasks
  • Guide the work of every operator to achieve a zero defect operations including on-time delivery, flawless exception management and optimal job profit management

Accounting Control Dashboard

  • Maintain 24/7 electronic control of all your accounting transactions - worldwide
  • Assure that all critical accounts are reconciled and do not contain aged or overdue transactions
  • Assure flawless accounting and reduce your accounting and audit costs substantially

Digital Customer Portal

  • Obtain the gold standard for digital customer interaction
  • Provide online quoting and booking
  • Facilitate actual and predictive shipment tracking
  • Enable e-invoincing and e-payments

Digital Vendor Portal

  • Manage your vendor processes fully digitally
  • Automate your cost of sales estimation, invoice receipt and accounting
  • Combine your invoice payment process with the receipt of shipment milestones

Advanced Business Analytics

  • Analyze your business without the support of financial analysts and controllers with our user friendly operator to computer interface
  • Highest quality product, customer, lane and carrier profitability analysis and reporting

Automation Routines

  • Automate your business processes with the help of intelligent computer algorithms
  • Use our standard and / or custom built routines
  • Automate routine tasks, detect revenue leakage and support decision making processes

Our Workshops and Services

Digitalization Workshop

  • Find out how to adopt the digitalization blueprint of industry leaders
  • How does a world class digital customer front end look like?
  • How much automation is possible?
  • What are industry leading business analysis and reporting tools and how can you best use them?

Perfect Data Workshop

  • Find out how to maximize the quality of your data and information fast and at lowest possible costs
  • How can you improve the quality of your business steering?
  • How can you provide best possible information to your customers?
  • How can you maximize service quality and reduce costs at the same time?

Digital Financial Management

  • Implement world class finance and controlling
  • Receive all needed information immediately and optimize your cash-flow
  • Get all of this at significantly lower cost

Digitalization Strategy Off-Site

  • Develop a precise plan how your company can obtain a "Digital Forwarder" market valuation (like e.g. Flexport)
  • One week guided workshop in a paradise off-site location in France
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Data Mastery in Freight Forwarding

How to transform your freight forwarding and logistics company to compete in the digital age - A book by Oliver Gritz

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