Operations Control Dashboard

Maintain 24/7 electronic control of your most critical operational processes and tasks. Guide the work of every operator to achieve a zero defect operations including on-time delivery, flawless exception management and optimal job profit management    



How does it work?

Setting up the dashboard

  1. Implement our Data Backbone Solution
  2. Organize your data model
  3. Choose your metrics
  4. Start monitoring at every level of the company (total group, region, country, branch, operator)

Take immediate action and become zero defect

  1. At every level of your company you can drill down to the relevant transactions of every job that require action (for example billing or entering a shipment milestone)
  2. Your operators are expected to perform all overdue tasks immediately
  3. If you have standardized processes an increasing amount of actions can be performed directly by the computer. We offer technology and a large amount of automation algorithms to assure that your data is correct 100% of the time. See Automation and BOT Technology

Top Management Control Dashboard

The Operations Control Dashboard allows top management to monitor the performance of every country and every branch in real time.

Your customers will love your performance quality!

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