Digitalization Blueprint of Industry Leaders


In this workshop you will find out:

  • The current digitalization gold standards in terms of: (a) digital customer front-end (b) process automation (in operations, administration and accounting) (c) digital business analysis, performance management and reporting
  • The best areas for your company to begin or continue your digitalization journey
  • The areas you must absolutely focus on in order to remain competitive
  • What technologies you should use
  • How to prepare for the future. What are future technologies that will become relevant in the next five years
Goal of this workshop is to enable you to implement all discussed tools and practices as fast as possible.

Invest one day and gain decades of experience!

How does the workshop work?

  • The workshop is designed as a team session. Have all relevant managers and expert team members of your company participate to generate maximum workshop results.
  • The workshop will be conducted via ZOOM.
  • The length of the workshop is one full day. Exact use of this time and detailed workshop design can be customized to your company's individual needs. We can include break-out group sessions, brainstorming sessions or confidential internal sessions. Work with us to find the most useful design.
  • Workshops can be conducted in English, German or French

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