Ontegos Smart Terminal


10x Productivity    10x Quality

powered by AI


Total Transparency; 24/7 Automatic Process Control; Process Automation

  • 24/7 automated controls and quality assurance of every business transaction
  • Automatic shipment creation
  • Automatic invoice processing
  • Automatic job profitability review
  • Automated closing of monthly accounting process (job ledger)
  • Timely and accurate capturing of shipment milestones
  • Timely and accurate customer billing
  • Automated and accurate profit sharing on job level
  • Automated upload of data-feeds from Ontegos Smart Terminal to CargoWise One (through APIs)
  • Automated business analysis identifying the main levers to improve profitability (e.g., customer pricing, carrier selection, capacity utilization)
  • Automated and accurate customer and lane profitability reporting
Very fast implementation (several weeks only)
Implementation is modular, i.e. the Ontegos Smart Terminal can be purchased in modules   

Ontegos Smart Terminal Modules

Operations Control Dashboard

  • Maintain 24/7 electronic control of your most critical operational processes and tasks
  • Guide the work of every operator to achieve a zero defect operations including on-time delivery, flawless exception management and optimal job profit management

Accounting Control Dashboard

  • Maintain 24/7 electronic control of all your accounting transactions - worldwide
  • Assure that all critical accounts are reconciled and do not contain aged or overdue transactions
  • Assure flawless accounting and reduce your accounting and audit costs substantially

Automation Routines

  • Automate your business processes with the help of intelligent computer algorithms
  • Use our standard and / or custom built routines
  • Automate routine tasks, detect revenue leakage and support decision making processes

Advanced Business Analytics

  • Analyze your business without the support of financial analysts and controllers with our user friendly operator to computer interface
  • Highest quality product, customer, lane and carrier profitability analysis and reporting

Digital Vendor Portal

  • Manage your vendor processes fully digitally
  • Automate your cost of sales estimation, invoice receipt and accounting
  • Combine your invoice payment process with the receipt of shipment milestones

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